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why does mommy hurt helping children cope with the - why does mommy hurt helping children cope with the challenges of having a caregiver with chronic pain fibromyalgia or autoimmune disease elizabeth m christy on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the children of people with chronic illness and pain suffer quietly why does mommy hurt is a joyful yet honest, when mommy is sick ferne sherkin langer sherkin langer - when mommy is sick ferne sherkin langer sherkin langer christy grant kay life on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers when mommy is in the hospital as she is frequently sick her child misses her a lot, our spiritual nutrition is05 - condition spiritual component absenteeism tardiness unable or unwilling to meet responsibilities form of abandonment it is easy to become addicted to not showing up for appointments or showing up late this pattern can infuriate those who are relying on us and is the source of many of life s difficulties, prayers for healing cure the sick with prayer - the following prayers have been curated by pastors and clergy while some come from rare out of print prayer books god has been in the business of answering prayers for healing for a long time, attachment theory and the healing psychotherapy relationship - joe is the author and the owner of afterpsychotherapy com one of the leading online mental health resources on the internet be sure to connect with him on google and linkedin, you can get a handicap parking permit if your kid has - i did a google search on parking permits autism and there is no definitive website with all the info about this so i figured let me write a blog post to be the place to learn about all this, stop walking on landmines dealing with someone with - note this article is not my work but a compilation of a variety of articles written on the subject by various authors 1 introduction from the book stop walking on eggshells by paul t mason and randi kreger is someone you care about causing you a great deal of pain do you find yourself concealing, the effects of medical marijuana on alzheimer s treatment - marijuana is a controversial topic in the medical community with some well respected doctors advocating for its use and others concerned about its addictive properties and long term effects, patients share humanistic side of living in pain amid - i was a floor tech which meant i buffed floors and then waxed them with a very old heavy buffing waxing machine that s where my back problems started but i didn t know it at the time, ovarian cancer personal stories - doris my symptoms were lack of appetite loss of usual energy difficulty breathing very tender abdomen and what i thought was ibs a nurse pa had done my yearly physical july 2007 and dismissed my suggestion of a colonoscopy because i had one two years previously, musical ear syndrome the phantom voices ethereal music - i am 74 fourteen years ago i suddenly lost some of my hearing in the left ear i had been at the range taking shooting lessons when i removed the ear plugs my left ear sounded like they were still there, reaction to keratin hair treatment short hair style magazine - my hair is frizz free after paying two hundred dollars to my hair stylist i did have to sit through the harsh smell while i wore the mask while the hairstylist was wearing his mask and straightening my hair