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bring the outdoors in garden projects for decorating and - bring the outdoors in is a beautifully done book i know shane powers family personally and his mother has shared his successes and his creativity with us for years it is an exceptional book, 7 ways to bring the outdoors in bankrate com - bring the outdoors in after a cold snowy winter who isn t anxious to open the windows dust off the deck and usher in spring but these days many homeowners and apartment dwellers want to welcome spring on a budget, 10 simple ways to bring the outdoors inside freshome com - choose these materials in your furniture for a comfortable oasis to relax in decor baskets rugs and even lampshades will bring the outdoors to your relaxing space 2 use colors that are inspired by the outdoors green s remind us of the earth grass and plants blues are refreshing like water and the sky, 13 simple ways to bring the outdoors inside homedit - 13 simple ways to bring the outdoors inside we enjoy being surrounded by nature and feeling its presence around us so if we can t live in the middle of nature we find ways to bring it inside our houses, 4 ways to bring the outdoors inside without the mess - if you like the outdoors it s natural to want to bring some of that beauty inside however pinterest boards often suggest adding real branches and pinecones to your home decor in order to bring the outdoors inside a potentially messy affair and hard to accomplish if you live in an urban area, bring the outdoors in and reap health design usa today - of course to bring in a quick affordable infusion of the outdoors the easiest options are to add colors and elements that are found in nature to your decor jars of rocks shells and sand add natural appeal and texture while colors inspired by nature refresh and restore blues evoke the colors of water and the sky, how to bring the outdoors into the workplace inc com - bring in natural materials wood stone and even a water feature these mimic the textures of the outdoors which can really enhance the feel of mother nature in the next room, how to bring the outdoors inside your home - 5 tips to breathing outside life into your interior space courtesy of the owi interior design centre in greater vancouver bc